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As a kind of amusement facilities, the electric bumper car is accepted by more and more people. The reason is very simple. When people play the battery bumper car, they can drive the car, touch the car, touch, rub, left, and right. When you hit someone else, others are also attacking you, making you hard to defend and enjoying happiness in the collision. More importantly, while people are playing bumper cars, they not only enjoy the happiness, but also can vent their dissatisfaction and troubles in their daily lives.

1. charger

When charging the charger on the ground, it must be effective to prevent water ingress or flooding.

When using the charger to charge the battery, the charger must be placed in a well ventilated area; there should be no flammable or explosive items around.

The charger must be handled with care.

Do not place the charger on the toy car to charge it, so as to avoid a short circuit caused by the charger.

Child battery bumper car
Child battery bumper car

2. Daily maintenance

The daily maintenance of the bumper car is very labor-saving, because the bumper car is a small-scale amusement equipment, so it is not as complicated as the special equipment. Simply speaking, it is a check and two lubrication.

an examination:

Check if the male and female nails of the transmission wheel are loose, the motor fixing screws are loose, the drive shaft screws are loose, the driven wheel bearings are not damaged, the bearing seat fixing screws are loose, the frame is not deformed, and the universal joint screws are There is no looseness, the pulley fixing screw is loose, and the steering wheel fixing screw is loose.


Ground mesh bumper car
Ground mesh bumper car

Lubricate the steering guide sleeve and apply a proper amount of oil to the steering guide sleeve from top to bottom.

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