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The characteristics of the small pendulum

mini pendulum rides
mini pendulum rides

The small pendulum is a small and medium-sized car amusement equipment. The shape and play of this device are basically the same as that of the big pendulum. The stimulation is greatly reduced, and most tourists can adapt. Generally, the small pendulum is six-seat. Its parameters are: land area: 5*6m, total height: 3.8m, power: 15kw, voltage: 380v. What are the characteristics of this amusement device?

1. The small pendulum is equipped with a full-featured electrical cabinet and auxiliary electrical equipment to ensure the start and safe operation of the motor. The electrical cabinet is equipped with the control circuit of the driving device and the electric bell button, which is very simple and safe to use.

Children's big pendulum
Children’s big pendulum

2. The main drive of the small pendulum adopts the driving mode of the motor to drive the slewing bearing, so that the motor can drive the small pendulum to flexibly track and realize non-uniform rotation.

3. Use the right to use the cylinder to make the pendulum swing a lot. The small pendulum of the amusement equipment operates in the same way as the large pendulum. It is made of high-quality steel as a bracket. The hammer is suspended from the bottom. The hammer can swing with the left and right and can rotate. The amplitude of the double movement is not counted when swinging. Too big, many people who dare not take a big pendulum can experience the small pendulum, the effect is the same, but not so high irritating.

The price of the small pendulum is relatively low in large-scale amusement equipment, and its small footprint can be installed in the squares, parks, playgrounds and other places in the city. After running, it is very powerful and can effectively attract tourists’ attention, so that tourists can’t help but want to experience it, so the market has broad prospects.

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